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Favorite Online Resources

Reading A-Z and Raz Kids {Reading & Comprehension}


How it works:

Listen and Read Along - Select a story and it will be read aloud, with each word highlighted.

Read - Record your child reading the story, using your computer's microphone. You can pause, stop, or re-record, and play it back. It is really neat to hear the story in their own voice! There is a send button to send it to a teacher for review.

Quiz - Each book has a 5 question, multiple choice quiz. It tests memory, sequencing, vocabulary, referencing the pictures in the story, and supposing about the characters or a main theme.

Our school district uses Raz Kids, and it's a great way to check comprehension and allows a fair deal of independence. All books are leveled according to Common Core, so it's standardized already. The app has a place for "Assignments", and an "On My Own" book room where the student can explore any of the levels. Students may like to listen to a story that's above their grade level, but still school appropriate. They may want to return to a favorite story.

The good thing is that a child can listen to the story as many times as they like. Students can listen, read aloud, or take the quiz in any order. 

Storybots Learning

Hilarious, clever, and entertaining. They do the A-B-C's like no one else. We crack up every time. I love "The Bones in Your Body" and Great Innovators clips, such as Marconi and the Wright Brothers. Featured on YouTube, Netflix, and other online platforms, Storybots is a fan favorite of children who love to add some silliness to their world.


Power of 2

Organized by color, this swipe-the-blocks game helps build skip counting, or multiplying by 2. After playing it for a while myself I had the most productive days ever. I organized ALL of my art supplies and completed some [abandoned] home organizing projects - behold the power of 2! 

Spelling Vocabulary City

This app offers a variety of games to help students memorize spelling words. She LOVES it.  What I like most is that it's customizable - the word lists, the definitions and sentences. She was delighted to hear some of her favorite references used in the app. It does not have the most attractive or flashy design out there, but it is very functional. If a big company like Disney or Sprout would pick it up and apply their characters, the city would be bustling. Right now, it's an app we use daily.

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