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April's Links

Earlie Girlie watched this over & over again. It's well illustrated. After viewing several other documentaries on flight, this was a favorite. We'll be flying again for vacation, so this assignment was directly related to "real world" experiences. 

This is a really great website for kids! Earlie Girlie explored other tutorials and gathered ideas for further projects. Most are set to music, which allowed her to watch the process. Usually during the second viewing, she asked me to read out loud. We were able to pause and repeat parts, to aid comprehension.  

 This intrigued me more than Earlie Girlie. She didn't mind once I fast-forwarded some of the dialogue and got to more interesting parts of the process. I liked all of the tips, and it was good to review some of the process I'd learned long ago, from elderly Babas.

Other Links:

In case you wanted to know more about different types of Ukrainian Eggs, and the symbolism of traditions, this is a nice site: http://www.pysanky.info/Types/Types_Home.html. 

During our visit to Kansas, we saw (and touched) The Whole Wall Mural, by Catherine Magel, Mara Smith, David Fleming, Brian Blase, and Tyler Kuhn. It's the longest sculpted brick mural in the U.S. at 140 ft. The mural was carved onto 6,400 green bricks. Magel started it in 2007, utilizing historical landmarks and people as inspiration for the mural. It was completed in 2009. {Source: Cloud County Historical Society Museum, Concordia, KS}. The textures are amazing. 

It was a Monday, so the museum was officially closed, but Earlie Girlie being herself, we got a tour anyway. On the day we flew out of Kansas, the museum tour guide recognized us at the (tiny) airport. She was waiting for Catherine Magel, so we got to say hello and that we liked her work! 


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