Early Girlie Homeschool

March Lessons

Dr. Suess Birthday & Read Across America. Looking to www.seussville.com for activities, and to our shelves to review some favorites.

Raz Kids online reading assignments.

Ireland * St. Patrick's Day traditions (parade, folklore) * Irish foods * Rainbows * Maguire (Barry) family artwork / famous Irish paintings. Celtic knots / endless knots.

Canada * Local cusine

Math: Last month, we explored even ("matching") numbers, volumes, fractions, and balancing weights. This month is the perfect month of shamrocks to study groups of 3! Identify 3- syllable words (clap & sound it out). Review sight words. Triptych (paintings). Music: Tuplet / triplets explore irregular beats, now that she understands 4/4 time and even measures. 

Leprechauns invite pranks & mischief, but I'm going with parody, inspiration to mimic, and the psychology of laughter. 

Why do we laugh? * Shows you know someone or something very well. * Truth can be silly, humorous, ironic * Joking as a connection * Laughter is "light", serious is "heavy." * Laughter elevates mood. * We can laugh at our mistakes so they don't weigh us down. * Being mean is laughing at someone to try to make them feel embarrassed or bad. * When laughing makes the person feel bad, it's not funny anymore. * What to do if you hurt someone's feelings.

Watercolor vs. Tempera paint * Mixing various hues of green from primary colors (yellows + blues). * We use an eye dropper for watercolors, since it doubles as fine motor work and precise color mixing. * Earlie Girlie mixes colors on her own, I no longer need to give her instructions on how to create a range of hues from primary colors.


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