Early Girlie Homeschool

Take a Seat.

Have you ever asked a hyperactive child to take a seat?

It's a simple, honest request. Met with simple, honest, resistance. 

We all fidget. Some far more than others. I'm not making fun of anyone. The adults I know who are very energetic are also very intelligent, wonderful people. I would love to have some of that energy. But I like lounging. I like sitting. Quietly. I like listening to stories. Maybe I was built for a traditional classroom. So at first, I didn't understand how difficult the basics were for her at school.

I videotaped Earlie Girlie sitting next to me while we were eating at a picnic table. Eating is typically her most zen-like state. I could tell she was thinking of a song. Her feet were swinging full force. When I calmly touched her knee to stop, she did. Immediately, her hands started tapping the table. Curious, I touched her hand to stop. She started to bob her head, silently, to whatever music she had going on inside of her head. I touched her head and her feet started again! She was sitting in her seat, eating her lunch, doing what she was supposed to do. I didn't mind her wiggling around, I found it curious. Thankfully, she didn't get annoyed with me. I pictured her in a different setting. I can't imagine her in a classroom all day like this. 

Perspective-wise, I teach art, which is hardly ever at a desk. If I do need people to be in a contained space, I make an art table with extra supplies so they have a place to roam to. Some people stand, some sit. I offer tarps, floor squares, easels, or whatever is comfortable. It doesn't matter to me. 

At home, she does have a desk, and a child-sized couch. Rocking chairs, tables, couches. Honestly. We do not lack seating. Among these options, she opts for cardboard boxes, baskets, toys, or the floor. You know, so she can move. The information gets in there, rolls around, and comes out.

So when I'm ready to show her a new lesson, I just ask her to take a seat.

She knows what I mean.


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