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March Links

Inspiration Through Homage

This cover of "Roar" by the Connecticut Children's Medical Center hit home.

Earlie Girlie grew up in NICU, spent so much time in PICU, on units and in treatment. We've had some blissful time away from it all, but recent consults remind me that we're still a part of the medical community. There's heartbreak, and tremendous pride that goes along with the lifestyle. 

(There are many hospital-based covers as part of this project. This oneis my favorite.)

ASL will always be Earlie Girlie's first language. I consider English as her second language, because she only had the ability to receive it, not express it. Jordan G. did an amazing interpretation of "Firework"! Just had to share.

Comedy /Parody

For most of us, the way the Swedish Chef throw things around inaudibly is funny. At least that's really the only thing I get out of his appearances. Earlie Girlie has watched this clip a zillion times. She laughs every time. She has set up a fake kitchen, has the hand movements and spirit of their spoof spot on. I had absolutely no idea what poutine was, so I looked it up. It's a common Canadian dish of french fries, gravy, and cheese curds. Now the fake heart attack makes sense! Lew Zealand muppet comes out with a defibrillator and yells "Clear!" and revives the Swedish Chef. This part sends Earlie Girlie falling on the floor with laughter. She's actually been brought back a few times that way, and she explained, "I know, I did that too! I got up fast! He's so funny! They are so funny!" Her knowledge of the defibrillator part is why the bit is so funny to her. Still not having any clue what the Chef has made, she asked me if we could make poutine. Instead of cringing "no", I suggested we make "PRETEND Poutine!" Her version included marker caps for fries and felt for gravy. I even let her throw paper cheese curds at me. She understands parody better than I realized.

Sesame Street's Educational Humor

Irish Step Dance on Sesame Street. Earlie Girlie still loves Sesame Street and often links what she learns back to her beloved characters. Sesame Street is still one of the most widely researched Children's Television programs, and although it is meant for a preschool audience, there is something entertaining, familiar and comforting about this infamous show. Sesame Street creates parodies of just about any type of book, movie, or song, and has celebrity guests join in for the fun. Sesame Street is absolutely everywhere on the planet, including outer space (Elmo gives a tour of the space station on NASA's website).

Belleek Pottery - est. 1857

I love making & studying clay vessels, so I was thrilled to find this video about Belleek Pottery while waiting for Sesame Street to load! Serendipity strikes again.

Traditional Irish Music

I handed over the iPad for Earlie Girlie to search Irish music, and this is her favorite. I've noticed that she prefers the sound of outdoor settings and tends to cover her ears or bolts away from stage performances, even if they're recorded online. She is acoustically sensitive in a way that mystifies professionals. The rest of us just adapt around it. For someone who was technically supposed to be deaf, she has an amazing ear for music! She loves watching documentaries about musical instruments, and being hands-on as much as possible. Irish music contains loads of triplets - listen for quick beats of three.


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