Early Girlie Homeschool

May Lessons

We're not in Kansas anymore. Still processing our whirlwind family reunion/mini-vacation, I've been inspired to create some family history lesson plans. At home, our focus is on spring cleaning and renovations. It's been difficult to concentrate while chainsaws are buzzing outside, and parts of the house are taped off. But, school must go on.

History: Studying our roots. Ancenstry. Family Tree. Family graph of musical instruments.

Reviewing timelines with photography and narratives. Earlie Girlie needs to practice talking about her experiences in small stories, rather than listing who she saw . 

Certain interests seem to carry us through life, to meet our dreams, to fulfill certain destinies. Sometimes the common thread in a person is obvious. Other times, it's buried by perceived duties and or clouded by their jobs. I've counseled many people who felt unable to seek out their passions because they're convinced that their family's or partner's interests won't allow it. Hopefully, it will be easy to be supportive of Earlie Girlie's interests. Disapproval does not seem to deter her. 

Earlie Girlie will select a few people in history to identify what their dreams were, and how they pursued them. 

Math is going to focus on tallying, making graphs, showing how many with representational markings in place of or paired with numerals. 

Earth Sciences: Planning a garden.

Practical Life: Cleaning, sorting, purging, reorganizing. Donating. Recycling. 

Celebrations: May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Earth Day, Mother's Day, Memorial Day.


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