Early Girlie Homeschool

1st Grade - Australia Lessons

Australia Day is January 26.

Contemporary celebrations reflect the diversity of the nation's beautiful landscape and animals, reflections on Australian history, family events, official community awards, and welcoming new immigrants into the Australian community.

Digging through my souvenirs and learnings from my trip allowed me to reflect and share. It also spurred a whole new investigation online. So far, Earlie Girlie's favorites are the didgeridoo, and the miniature blue penguins of Phillips Island. When I asked what she knew about Australia, she mentioned The Wiggles, kangaroos, koala bears, and the children's books I'd brought back.

One of the most astounding features of the outback is the bright red-orange dirt and rocks. I've never seen such vibrant colors in my life. At night, it's even more spectacular. We used watercolors and salt to recreate a scene of Ayers Rock and the Olgas.

Intrigued with all things musical, Earlie Girlie and I looked up some didgeridoo videos. We followed David Hudson's tutorials and learned the animal connections and symbolism of the sounds. Adèle and Zalem are a powerful modern duet who creatively crowd funded an album together and perform in clubs all over Australia. They've taken an ancient instrument and applied it to a modern world. They've adding beatboxing. Juxtaposing their duet on the street, in nature, and in club scenes shows creative genius. These are two artist-musicians to watch! Earlie Girlie painted to their songs and got out our drums and shakers to play along. 


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